Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate Bus Journey-I just Hate It….09.09.10

I was missing my niece a lot as I didn’t see her from one month. Friday was Moharam, but holiday was not confirmed, I reserved my tickets for Friday night train. On 7th they announced the holiday for Moharam (10 th) and I came to know that my sister is leaving to her (in-laws) place for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival on Friday morning. I didn’t get train tickets, without any option booked for bus (KSRTC). I found one bus which will reach Hubli (around 5am), before my sister and her family leaves (6:45-7am). This was my first bus journey that too alone, was very uncomfortable, adding to that I had fever on the day of journey. Departure was at 6:45, I didn’t take parcel thought they will stop somewhere to have dinner. It was so rush in bus stand that passengers who reserved tickets were standing out and others were in the bus. At-last we started the journey at 7. My co-passenger was a “NAMOONA”; he started asking me so many questions, I don’t know when I slipped in deep sleep, but when I opened my eyes it was horrible (8:30pm). Our bus was standing right in the middle of highway due to some problem in the gear box. All passengers were standing out. When I got down from bus it was even scarier. We were away from residential area, no hotel, nothing not even a dhaba, only we passengers, our "KHATARA BUS", driver-conductor and highway. When I asked the driver he told me that we have to wait for another bus to come from Mysore Depot. I looked back to passengers; there were only 4 ladies, all were in pairs. I sat on the road divider as I was scared to stand there in the crowd and even tired because of fever. After 2 hours another bus came and we started journey again, conductor told that they will stop in Arsikere for dinner and when we reached it was 12.30am, I just had two chocolates to kill my hunger. My brother was calling me at every 30mins to know where I am, that time I realized only our family cares for us. When I reached Hubli (Old Bust stand) it was around 7:30, I felt like crying because our bus entered the bus stand and the bus in which my sister and niece were there left. I didn't even get a glimpse of her face for which "I CAME BY BUS".


  1. hmmm...evry trip u'll get sm lesson to learn :)

    take care :)

  2. I remember, u were so eager to get home, the train, bus, train, bus thing, btw mech fail happens with the K(kerala)SRTC too..can't trust it, another thing "My brother was calling me at every 30mins to know where I am, that time I realized only our family cares for us. " then who else should ? keep traveling :)

  3. No one will....:):)
    I will keep travelling....:):)
    Thank u all....:):)