Monday, April 4, 2011

What is our PRACTICE??

We are adapting western culture so fast with so much dedication that I feel somewhere we are forgetting our roots, which are important too.
          A year back I had been to Pizza Hut with few friends. Even though I don’t like pizza, I had to join them. I have tasted pizza but was entering Pizza hut for the first time in my life. After hogging few items from menu card and paying the bill we were about to leave. I was very much in hurry to leave the place as I was bit uncomfortable in the HOSH-POSH place. I rushed to the door and about to pull it, suddenly one of my friends stopped me and told “Ring the bell” while leaving, it’s a practice. As I didn't know about it, I rang the bell and came.
          Few days back I had been to a famous temple near Mysuru with a friend. As we entered temple I saw a big stone bell and was trying to ring it. My friend pulled and started scolding me in whispering voice “You may look like a kid but, you are not. Behave yourself. Why you are jumping like a monkey? When you can’t reach it, then leave it” I couldn’t say anything and came back without ringing the bell.
          After coming back to room these two incidents made me to think “what is our Practice?” in real.
Ringing the bell while leaving the Pizza Hut?
Or Ringing the bell while entering the Temple? 

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  1. Good 1 but ringing the bell in a Pizza Hut I havnt xperienced still:-)