Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unforgettable Co-passengers

Life is a journey and you have to travel always in one or the other way. And this journey is not complete without co-passengers. When you are travelling in a group you hardly look at others and when you are travelling alone even if you don’t like to talk the co-passengers drag you into the conversation.
I hardly got a chance to travel with my friends because I travel to meet them. As a lover of train journey (or I can say a person who hates BUS journey) I always travel in train to Bengaluru & you can’t demand for a co-passenger, you have to adjust with them. But sometimes you get such a co-passenger that you feel like slapping them. I met many such people in my journeys but there are two people whom I can never forget in my life, both with contradictory nature.


Morning was nice as I got auto as soon as I came out from my PG. I was happy thinking ‘Now day will be very nice as start was good’, got down to station took ticket boarded the train and found one window seat for myself. I was half an hour early to station. Then a middle aged man came and asked “Is anyone coming here?” I said no and he sat. He didn’t allow anyone to sit in our seat. I thought someone may be coming. He addressed me as “Magale” (daughter) and started conversation even though I was not interested he started asking about me. Then told he has one daughter of my age and all those things. He introduced himself as an advocate & just to file a case in high court he is going to Bengaluru. Then he was like “Now a day girls are not trust worthy and they will make others believe them even though the fault is on their side. I have fought many cases of that kind and know how to tackle such situation”. I didn’t understand so gave a smile and turned my face other side. Our journey was half way over and again he started talking with me, his is happy family and invited me to his home. I said OK and suddenly he held my hand and told sit quietly. I was shocked like anything didn’t know how to react so I suddenly pulled my hand. Then I realized why he was telling about GIRLS and cases. He was like “don’t take me wrong you are like my daughter. I know you are scared but you are like daughter”. Train was so rush that I couldn’t get up from my seat he didn’t allow me to get up from there. If I try to call or message he was peeping to see whom I am contacting. I just turned towards him and told my marriage has been fixed and I am going to meet him. Would you like to meet him any way he is coming to station to receive me. Such a horrible personality he was. Even when I got down from train he wanted to give shake hand I just did Namaskara and left.


 New Year, new day I didn’t want any experience like the previous one. Whole night couldn’t sleep because of New Year celebration in the boy’s hostel near to my PG. I thought of catching the same train. As I came out I didn’t get any auto so was bit upset for a bad start. Then one auto came and I reached the station. When I boarded the train the situation was same as the previous journey. I think most of the people didn’t want to start the year with journey so it was not so crowded. I just covered my face with my stole and sat in window seat. Then a person came and asked me “Is anybody coming here, Madam?” Even though I wanted to say YES, but NO came automatically. He didn’t talk much earlier, and as train left station he asked about trains to Mysore from Bengaluru. I told him and kept quiet. He introduced himself and asked me about me. He didn’t address me as “Magale” but treated me as daughter. Then he started talking he told well that you people are still in contact with your friends and tries to meet each other. Keep friendships in life. Then he told about his friend from Bijapur, his experience when he came to Hubli in search of girl for marriage. He talked really nicely. Gave advise for life, told about his family, daughter and wife and while getting down like a gentle man gave way to me. I really want to take his name here. His name is Mr. Hemanth Kumar. He wished me and my friends happy new year and all the best for my future.