Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is first entry to my BLOG. I was searching something which is worth sharing with all. Then felt nothing can be better than these 4 incidents of my life; which changed my view towards AUTO DRIVERS. When we think of auto drivers, the common opinion is “they are cheaters, cunning etc”. I am not an exception; I too had same opinion till I experience these 4 incidents.

Hubli- 15/11/2008
                My sister’s marriage was nearing and lots of shopping was remaining. As soon as I came Hubli we started with half done purchasing. Me and my mother went to market, way back to home we thought of taking auto. We asked a driver he demanded 100/- but for my area normal charge is around 60/-, then he agreed. We came home with all our stuff and he went. Nearly after half an hour we realized that we left material worth 2000/- back side of the seat. We didn’t know what to do, no one was there in home. Suddenly one auto came, for our goodness it was the same auto driver. He came from other end of the city, left one passenger, just to return our things. He told my mother, in kannada in our accent “Madve mani samaan hang thogobardri Ammara,adakka kodlik bande. Bhaal kelsa irthava, marath hogthad” means we shouldn’t take things from the marriage home and we tend to forget in the marriage work.

Hassan- 26/10/2009
                All of a sudden I decided to attend my friend engagement in Hassan, on 25th. I tried for all trains but didn’t get reservation, then decided to go by UR bogi (Dharwad-Mysore express). In my home no one was willing to send me alone in UR bogi. At last my parents allowed me to go on only one condition, that I have to call as soon as I reach Hassan and make my friend to talk with them, who was suppose to come to station to receive me, because the arrival time was 0430. When I reached Hassan station it was 0420, I called my friend but Vodafone network problem was such that I didn’t get line. Hassan station was such a haunting place that, I was shivering in the early morning. Started looking for PCO, but my bad luck there was not a single PCO near by. I came back to station; there was only one auto left, which was already occupied by a Muslim family. Seeing my face that driver himself asked me to get in to the auto. He requested the male passenger to sit in the front so that I can sit. On the way he told it is not safe to leave you alone in the station; nobody will be there after train leaves. I was trying to call my friend but network was busy. Then he gave his cell to call my friend and inform to come to bus stand.

                I came to Bengaluru on 19th at 2:30pm for some work, decided to stay in my sister’s house. I came out of the station, called her to confirm the plat form and bus number. She forgot to inform that they shifted to other house; the address which I had was old one. I asked how to come now and her reply was “I too don’t know, I never go out alone and I can’t ask my husband now as he is in meeting and will be free by 4pm”. Then she told me to take an auto and come to Rajaji nagar, Ram mandir. In prepaid stand no one was ready to come as it is near, which I didn’t know. Because that was the first time I came to Bengaluru alone. Then one driver came, but he too didn’t know properly and asked me. I told “sorry, I don’t know anything about Bengaluru, this is the first time I came to bengaluru alone. So you have to take me. I can’t help you”.  He took nearly 30 minutes to reach the place. I think he showed me half Rajaji nagar. When I asked him about the fare he told “Adarall esht ide ashte kodi madam. Nan thappu, naan balaskond bande”. Means, how much it is mentioned in the ticket you give me that much. He was standing there till my sister came to receive me. And while leaving he told me with smiling face “In future never tell any auto driver that you are new and don’t know about the city”.     
I was returning from Bengaluru to Mysore on 02/01/11. I met my friends, enjoyed being with them. When I reached Mysore it was already 9:40pm and thought if I go for prepaid auto I will get late, so decided to go for outside auto. Asked for 3-4 drivers no one was ready to come. For my luck one driver agreed , but he asked me 50/- (prepaid charge 35/-), I didn’t ask anything and got in. After reaching I gave him 50/- and was about to move. Suddenly he stopped me and started scolding. And his words were like this "As a brother I am telling you this, you are like my sister, you can think anything about me, you can scold also, I don’t mind. Next time if you come so late then go for prepaid auto not outside auto. The route is so haunting (more than 80%) and you are alone. Can’t you think about your safety?  So many drivers will be drunk, how can you believe them? ". He kept 20/- in my hand before I could react or realize he left.


  1. yeah..there are nice ppl too...

    thanks for sharing your exp. wish you all the best... :)


  2. Good one swapna!!
    One suggestion...change d background colour. Black colour wid d lines strains our eyes when v read it....
    and one more thing- never go alone to any isolated place or in d autos late nite! Time wont b d same always!! U might be brave, independent...but y take chance in doing risky things??
    Yes, all auto drivers are not cheaters. I too was traveling alone from mysore to bangalore for an yr. As soon as i reach mysore i used to take a prepaid auto most of the times. Once, i reached home in an auto and had to pay 90 or 100 rupees to the driver (i dont remember exactly). I had given him a 500 rupee note instead of giving 100 as i was all excited to run inside my home!! The honest driver called me back and returned the correct change...i was really surprised by his loyalty!! Many such instances have happened....But majority of them are cheaters and because of dem even the honest ones will be blamed..

  3. Its not about being brave or independent, situations made me to take such actions....I know that in 4th incidence i was wrong, i was suppose to think which i didn't....Thank u for suggestion...

  4. Hey nice to see ur blog.... nice memories....