Thursday, July 23, 2015

Magic card


 Today's card is little bit different.
 I thought of doing something for my niece but was not having any stamp which attracts kids. 
Then thought of making interactive card. This I had seen long ago on pintrest.
 I will try best to put the procedure in words ( I am sorry if doesn't make sense) along with pictures. I am not giving exact measurements of the paper. If you want then let me know. 
I apologise for such a lengthy post.

The required materials

A colour cardstock, Black ink, Light colour ink, Shape die of your choice, Stamp a magig, White card stock, OHP sheet, Stamps of your choice, Red tape or any tape adhesive of your choice.
 I am using red tape so that its visible in pictures.

Pic 1

Cutting the papers

Start from the innermost layer so it helps in assembling.
You need to cut a white cardstock and OHP sheet of the exact same measurements. These are the pieces on which you are going to stamp. Next a white card stock of double the length and 2cm wider than the previously cut paper. Need a small strip of paper which is wider than these two papers.
The colour card stock should be bigger atleast 3cm from all sides. ( Dont go less than this)

Centre layer

Pic 2

Stamp the image of your choice (preferably which can be coloured) on the white CS and OHP sheet so that when you place stamped OHP sheet on stamped paper it matches exactly and looks like one image. Then colour the image, place the OHP sheet and put a small dot of adhesive or you can staple it so that they wont shift. Then paste a piece of paper to cover the adhesive or staple pin. See picture

Pic 3

Paste a red tape on back of this panel. Try to be as close to the bottom as possible.
 If you are using tape runner then DONT apply glue now. Its only when you are using double sided tape.

Pic 4

Middle and outer layer

Fold the middle layer at the centre and make a slit as shown in the picture. The slit should just wide enough so that the coloured panel can slide through it easily. ( dont make it too small or too big)
Apply red tape on one side and keep it ready. 

Pic 5

Preparing the main outer layer

Score and Fold the main panel at the middle. First decorate the front as you wish. Cut at the open ends of paper (with punch, die or with scissors) for finger space. Die cut a window ( you can cut with ruler simple shapes circle, square) on one side. Keep in mind that the open end is the top of the card. Check that the words are not upside down.

Pic 6

All Elements of the card

Put red tape on two sides of the main panel. Now you are ready with the all elements as you can see in the picture bellow. 

PLEASE see where the red tape has been put.
 Now onwards keep that test stamp on inner portion of main panel (its done intentionally) which might make sense of what I am trying to tell. ;)

Pic 7

Slider mechanism step 1

Here you are going to attach outer and middle panels. You can do the 2nd step first, i found this is easy for me. Place the white panel like this remove backing from white panel only and close the main panel.

Pic 8

After this the panel looks like this. 

Note that the red tape on main panel is still with backing. Don't remove it until the last step.

Pic 9

Slider mechanism Step 2

Now its time to place the coloured panel and OHP sheet. Rotate the panel so that its easy to work with. (Sorry for confusion).

Slide this coloured panel and OHP sheet combo in such a way that the paper slides IN and transparency slides on top. 

Pic 10

Now attach the strip of paper on back of this combo. This panel had red tape. See Pic 4

Pic 11

Now turn it back, remove backing from main panel and close it. 
See to it that the edges are matched perfectly. If you feel its bulky then you can use foam tape instead of red tape (only on main panel)

Pic 12

Now the card is ready. I made a small ribbon with same paper and adhered it on top of combo. Made a matching envelope.

Pic 13

Suggestions are always welcome. If any query please comment bellow. I made a short video how the card works and the link is bellow.

Video link Magic card

Thank you for stopping by

Swapna Patil


  1. Truly lovely!! Fabulous tutorial. Thanks so much for playing Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “No Design Paper” Challenge!